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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jeff Mayes, No Friend of the Taxpayers

For those of you that have followed the career (I could just as easily say political career as they are the same thing for him) of Jeff Mayes you will see a disturbing trend in which he votes for special interest instead of the people.

Mayes started out in politics as a left wing political activist at the University of Michigan. When he was finished with school he came back to Bay City to further explore what it takes to be a politician by working for Howard Wetters and Joe Rivet in the legislature.

It was under their tutelage that Mayes learned the simplistic politics of Bay County: Kiss the labor unions asses and screw the rest.

And so he has. After working for Joe Rivet he went on the be elected Bangor Township Supervisor. After his boss, Rivet retired he ran for his seat in the State House of Representatives where he currently sits.

Now, Jeff Mayes, the textbook definition of a career politician is seeking to move up the political ladder once again. This time as 31st district State Senator.

As the head of a taxpayers advocacy group I believe it my duty to inform and remind people of the pro tax and spend policies of our State Representative Jeff Mayes.

Below is a listing of the votes that Mayes has taken against the people of the 96th district:

Michigan Taxpayers Alliance 2008 State Representative Grades
1. 2007 House Bill 5194: The 12% state income tax hike. (3 points)
Voted Yes (0 points)
2. 2007 House Bill 5198: The extension of the state sales tax to certain services, later replaced by a 22% business tax hike. (3 points)
Voted Yes (0 points)
3. 2007 Senate Bill 94: Michigan’s new business tax. Citizens collected nearly 375,000 signatures on a petition to eliminate the despised old Single Business Tax. The petition language stated that the SBT should be replaced with a “less burdensome tax”. What did the legislature do? Replaced the tax with the Michigan Business Tax which increased the net tax burden on businesses, and is perhaps even more complicated than the old SBT. (3 points)
Voted Yes (0 points)
4. Senate Bill 229, Senate Bills 232-235, House Bills 4344, 4346, 4348, 4350 and 4360: Increases in state spending from 2007 to 2008. (3 points)
Voted to increase spending by $1,470,045,900 (0 points)
5. 2007 House Bill 4261. This bill authorized a new 2% tax on Kent County and Lansing hotels. The convention and tourism bureaus in Kent County and Lansing wanted more money, but apparently couldn’t get enough local hotels to send it to them voluntarily. (2 points)
Voted Yes (0 points)
6. 2008 House Bill 5804: This bill funds the state’s Department of History, Arts and Libraries. Last year, the state spent $49.5 million on this Department. Governor Granholm recommended a spending increase to $52.7 million but that wasn’t enough for Speaker Dillon and the House leaders. They passed this bill increasing art spending to $57.1 million – a 13% increase. What’s in YOUR wallet? (2 points)
Voted Yes (0 points)
7. 2008 Senate Bill 1107: This bill increased spending for school aid by almost half a billion dollars. The House added a provision allowing the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) to continue to be the only “district of the first class” in Michigan which prohibits Detroit’s district from facing additional competition from charter schools. The DPS was given this extra ‘protection’ for free. No audits, reforms or improvement plans were expected of the DPS in the legislation. (2 points)

Voted Yes (0 points)

8. House Bills 4865, 4866, 5257 and 5258: Fee increases. Back in Governor Granholm’s first term, a whole slew of fee hikes were enacted on everything from gasoline to business licenses and annual reports required of non-profit corporations. The fee increases ranged from 25% to 100%. But don’t worry, citizens were told, these fee hikes are only “temporary” and will go away in 2007. The legislature put the “sunset date” for these temporary fee hikes right in the legislation.

Then on Sept 30, 2007, the day the fees increases were scheduled to go away, the legislature passed new legislation keeping the fee hikes in place. But don’t worry, these fees will go back down on September 30, 2012. It says so right in the legislation. (2 points)

Voted to increase fees by $10,761,800 (0 points)

Total Points: 0/20

Grade: F

1 comment:

Nathan said...

To be sure, Jeff Mayes is no friend to the taxpayers. He needs to be [politically] "put down."

It's a new day in American politics with the TEA Party people leading the taxpayer charge.

Also -- look what happened tonight in the Democrat Arkansas primary. Even the libs and their union cronies, with millions spent, could not buy Halter the primary election. It's time, that taxpayers, show union cronyism the back door and push the bullies out!

By the way -- why the young picture of Mayes? Can't you find a more recent pic of him which shows some shame on his face for betraying the rank-in-file taxpayers?